205 N Newark Street, Decatur Texas - North of Main Street, Just East of the Railroad Tracks -

Private Classes

We love private classes, and will work with you to plan, schedule and execute a class that meets all of your needs.

Girls Night?  Couples Class?  Kid's Class?  Team Building?  Booster Club?  Bridesmaid Party?   Guy Projects?  Birthday Party?

We can handle all of these.

The minimum head count for a fully private party is 10.  For smaller groups we can give you your own table at an open event.  If necessary we will add a class on a date that works for you and will make it an open class.

You are free to bring whatever food and refreshments that you need for your party.

You can select a single project, a group of projects or we can create a new project for your class.

A standard class is 3 hours, but we can design one to be longer or shorter depending upon your needs.

You can pay for your class up front and we will give you coupon codes for your guests to use to choose their options, or guests can pay their own cost by joining your class on our web site.

Simple classes can be booked by email, but we always encourage hosts to visit our facility to go over details to make sure that we are all on the same page for expectations.

Thank you for considering us for your event.