205 N Newark Street, Decatur Texas - North of Main Street, Just East of the Railroad Tracks -


Got Questions?  Here are some answers to common ones:

(For More Answers, Please See POLICIES)

1)  Are reservations required?

YES.  By making a reservation through our web site, you are telling us that you will be here AND the details of the project you want to work on.  This allows us to have the proper staffing for each event and have your materials ready when you arrive.

2)  What do I need to bring?

Clothes that you don't mind getting paint on.  Fun Ideas.  Beverages (Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine) and Snacks.  Water is provided.  Comfy shoes are good also.

3)  How hard are the projects?

Our experience is that most participants elect to do complex finishes and multiple colors on their projects, which makes them time consuming but not necessarily difficult.  We do have less complicated projects available, and are happy to help you as needed so that you feel comfortable completing your chosen project.

4)  How long does a project take?

Depends upon the project, but most people come into class thinking that 3 hours is a long time, and then end up having to hustle at the end to get done.

5)  Can I do more that one project?

Sure, but see 4) above.

6)  Is it OK if I show up late?

Sure, but see 4) above.

7)  Can 2 of us work on one project?

We offer some classes that are designed for families or couples to share a project, but most of our classes are designed (and priced) around 1 person 1 project.

8)  Do I have to complete the project with the colors shown in the photos?

No!  You are free to select your paint and/or stain colors, as well as adding glazes and effects to make YOUR sign look the way YOU want it to.

9)  Can I add additional items to a selected designs?

Normally yes.   As long as there is room, you can add items.  Some of our signs (for example a wooden banner with your last name on it) are designed to leave you room to add additional items to it.  We have boxes and baskets full of cutouts and other items that can be added to your project.

10)  Can I submit my own design?

Generally yes.  There are some time and materials constraints that come into play, but as long as we have time to get your materials prepared BEFORE the class, we are happy to work with you on this.

11)  Are all of the available designs shown on the web site?

Hahahahahahaha  No.  Not even close.  That's why we like for people to come by for a visit.  We have more options than you can imagine.


12)  Can you do a class at my home or business?

Yes. There are some limitations on what can be done and the number of options that will be available, but we can do mobile classes.