205 N Newark Street, Decatur Texas - North of Main Street, Just East of the Railroad Tracks -


DIY Studio Decatur offers classes covering a wide range of projects with lots of options.

What makes us different?  We are a production manufacturing facility, with lots of space, lots of tools and lots of expertise.

Because we are in a big ugly industrial building, we can offer the DIY enthusiast more options and lower prices.  We offer both stencils for making signs AND laser cut letters.  We buy our materials wholesale and stock Birch Plywood, Pine 1x6 & 2x6, SPF 2x6, Cedar 2x6, as well as several lengths, widths and thicknesses of Maple, Poplar, Pecan, Walnut and Oak.  We can plane, straight line rip, crosscut size and shape all types of lumber and we even have a dedicated saw for making shiplap. 

We also do digital printing, dye sublimation, screen printing and have a frame shop. 

We have welders, a forge, mechanical benders several shears and a mechanical break.

Plus candle making, jewelry making, knife making, leatherwork, stamping, wreath making . . . 

Come and join us for some learning and fun.

Have questions?  email ben@8fdtexas.com or give us a call (214) 675 1978